Content Publishers have a unique opportunity to expand their revenue capabilities by building their own network of targeted providers and advertisers' resulting in a higher click through rate and larger monetary return for all parties. The concept is simple:

Work with the OLA NETWORK to put a player on your website. Once the player is active and the ad generator is hooked up and the videos are in the 'OLA/RG System' you start making money. The higher the traffic and 'click through rate' the larger the return. If you work with us and take an active role in helping to sign up advertisers that are in your network and related to your site, then it will only help the ad revenue grow. Most likely you already have relationships with companies that would gain from this opportunity, we simply need to intrioduce it to them. Let's face it, it is a 'win win' for everyone.

OLA will work with local advertisers to create higher click through rates and in doing so, with your help, this localized content advertising is the best way to generate revenue. If a user is viewing a video on traveling to Panama and the advertisment is of an eco lodge in the rain forest pulls up, then the % click through rate increases dramatically.

We look forward to having you as a partner.

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