Content Providers have a unique opportunity to expand their revenue capabilities by building their own network of targeted publishers and advertisers' resulting in a higher click through rate and larger monetary return for all parties. The concept is simple.

Shoot quality travel content and post it on YouTube. Then sign up your YouTube channel on the OLA NETWORK. It doesn't matter how many hits your videos have, it depends on the quality of your contentand if it is the right fit for our partner website.

Once your videos are in the 'OLA/RG System' we will work with the top content publishers to get that content showcased on their websites. The higher the traffic the larger the return. Once in the system and featured on some great travel websites you the 'Content Provider' will be able to generate revenue from your videos.

The next step is to work with local advertisers to create higher click through rates. Localized content advertising is the best way to get traffic. If a user is viewing a video on traveling in Panama and the advertisment is of a lodge in the rain forest then the % click through rate increases exponentially. We will work with you and the featured locations to generate traffic. We look forward to having you as a partner.

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