Welcome to the OLA Network... In the works now for over a decade 'OLA' or 'Online Adventure' has evolved from a dream - to a cool website - to community site - and finallyto a network of media partners building teh future of travel on the web...

As we grow we discover new trends that we need to stay on top of and we are very excited about our alliance with Real Gravity and the coming years of convergence that await us for broadcast media on the Internet. We are confident that by building a vast network of content alliances we can become a leader in the 'travel video monetization space' and help lead the way with quality content in a conscious, purposeful manner.

We are all avid travelers, bit by the Wanderlust bug early in our lives, and are constantly pushing the envelope to discover what is out there. We hope you will join us...

Joe Conte - Founder, Explorer, CCO (acting CTO)

Original Visionary of Online Adventure in 1998 Joe Conte saw the future in the early days of the web where everyone would share content on the net, and have the technological means to do so in style. OLA, under his creative vision, has taken on many forms over the years, and he believes we are still in the very beginning of this amazing medium.

"When I was a boy my Father took me to Alaska and I knew then that I wanted to see every place on the globe that I could...I have a long way to go to see it all, but I know I can do my best to get out there and inpsire others to do the same...one country at a time..."

As a multi-media professional for the past fifteen years, Joe Conte brings years of media experience to the table for OLA. Having owned multiple Internet companies, he has developed 100's of websites and understands all aspects of internet media - from complex database development to social networking, internet strategy and all facets of online marketing. He has worked in video and film production for over the past decade; filming in Dubai, Egypt, Mali, Europe, Greece, Panama, Mexico, and throughout North America and is an avid traveler. He has plans to travel teh World for OLA in the coming years and continues to carry an HD camera with him at all times.

"In August of 2008 I lost my Father to lung cancer. Two days before he passed I found out Negrita had cancer and in August of 2009, my Love, my Light my Negrita Jayde, was taken from me tragically by cervical cancer. These personal losses forced me to take a step back and see the value of the life we lead, the importance of being conscious, and the intrinsic value and potential that comes from our conscious decisions. Above all, the 'greater universal connection' that real action can foster - through creating an environmental and social awareness and for bettering the lives of others - is pivotal to our lives as conscious, compassionate beings."

In her and his Father's honor, Joe Conte has started a new non profit SOULNOW ( Save Our Universal Language NOW - Helping remote cultures preserve their musical heritage ) and OLA will act as a locational discovery project for the SOULNOW organization giving back along the way.
You can learn more about SOULNOW here: SOULNOW.ORG

Joe Conte

Mike McDonough - Founder, Traveler, CFO

Michael McDonough is a Founder of Online Adventure Inc, and is the acting CFO. He is a Private Investor and a Partner at CHPartners, GmbH, a German Investment Advisory Group. Michael has been an investor and consultant for Internet start-ups including IFILM and RealGravity and brings a wide range of Internet media experience to OLA. Michael was also an investor and producer in the film industry working/consulting with a wide network of production companies and studios including Warner Brothers, and Fox.

Michael has been an avid traveler his entire life, a passion inspired by his parents as a child and encouraged by a teacher/mentor who founded the first high school level African Exchange program in the US. After traveling to East and Central Africa as a high school student, Michael went on to earn a Graduate Diploma in African Studies at the University of Cape Town (UCT) in South Africa, a home base from where he travelled extensively through Southern Africa.

After graduating from UCT and Denison University, Michael moved to Taipei, Taiwan in order to teach English to a diverse group of Taiwanese Nationals from corporate executives, to postal workers to school children. After 18 months in Taipei, Michael travelled through South East Asia for 9 months, documenting his trip through writing, photographs and video, an experience that would inspire him to join the Online Adventure Project, a combination of two of his greatest interests; video and travel.

Mike McDonough

John Brokow - Founder, Adventurer, CPO

John Brokaw, Co Founder of Online Adventure and Online Adventure TV graduated form the University of Vermont in 1992. He is currently a wildlife Biologist, Field Ornithologist, and Forestry Technician with the Truckee Tahoe National forest. Truckee, CA.

Over the past two decades John has worked as a Researcher, Director, Photographer, Writer, and Cartographer on biological and ecological projects throughout North, Central, and South America. As a dedicated environmental scientist he has kept a comprehensive video and photographic archive of his exploits on studies in Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, and the United States.

Writing of his work experiences, John has been a champion of the concept of sustainability. He is an outspoken proponent of travel as an important tool for introducing people to, and educating them on the many challenges we face to the long term health and well being of beautiful communities, delicate environments, and uniquely wild places all over the world.

John Brokaw